My Room

I love coming home to my room. Everything about it inspires me and reminds me of what is important in my life.

Peace Lily

The pictures on the wall of tranquil horizons looking out across the sea. Aphorisms and poems written by Sri Chinmoy that stir something inside me every time I read them. The photos of my friends and I on joy weekends laughing and sharing loads of joy. In one corner is my meditation area where I light candles and my favourite incense and meditate in the mornings and evenings before I sleep.

My mum once gave me a crystal salt lamp that glows beside my peace lily with three pure white flowers peaking up from the green leaves. In my room I have a glockenspiel and a flute that I play tunes on. After playing for a while I feel like I have been meditating, my mind is calm and quiet and I feel very content.

After a busy day there is nothing better than coming home, putting on some flute music, lighting some incense and having some time just to be. Sometimes, amidst a busy day of doing things, I forget that the whole purpose of it all is to grow into our spirituality. In doing so, we do make spiritual progress, but I like to think that occasionally doing absolutely nothing but finding joy in simply existing is OK as well.


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