Subarata: An Inspiration in Many Ways

I hardly knew Subarata, but the few encounters that I did have with her were very inspiring and transformative in my spiritual life.

August 1994

To this day I can remember so clearly the first time I spoke with Subarata. It was during our August Celebrations, 1994, at our outdoor meeting place in New York - 'Aspiration-Ground'. I was extremely inspired by the Meditation Week programmes which Sri Chinmoy's New Zealand students had been offering in the Auckland Centre. I took the opportunity one afternoon, while sitting next to Subarata, to ask for some advice. Having no idea what it all entailed to actually draw over 1,000 seekers to a week long session of meditation classes, I began asking questions regarding lead time and the logistics of putting on such an event. Subarata humbly explained what she could during the short lull in activities.


Realising the magnitude of what the New Zealanders had achieved, I then ventured into asking about the cost to the hosting centres for such an event offered free of charge to the public. I shall never forget Subarata’s response, "Oh, I don’t know," as she continued on to the next sentence. It was such an unexpected reply that it forced me to really think about what she was saying, because for me, cost was the first consideration. I left with the realisation that Subarata's open heart, absolute faith, willingness and eagerness to manifest were the most important resources needed - not the outer, often times limiting, factors in which the mind tends to indulge.

January 1996

In January 1996, our annual Christmas vacation with Sri Chinmoy took us to Japan.

Being just 5 years Sri Chinmoy's student, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the trip for 3 weeks in Kyoto. Members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team were invited to do a Harmony Run up a particular mountain to meet the monks of a monestary who are known for their own 100-day run. It was an optional undertaking which was a part of this particular order. This ‘run’ turned out to be more of an extremely challenging ‘hike’ through steep, narrow trails of wet, slippery leaves.

To cope with the difficulty, many of us began talking, joking, whining and some even continued to groan. I was just in front of Subarata and would speak to her, carelessly joking about my own sufferings. After about the third or forth time she replied very seriously, “Don’t keep looking back, just keep moving forward!” It was exactly what I needed to hear—a clear reminder to remain focused, soulful and conserve energy. There was still such a long way to reach the top. My sense was that in Subarata’s life, nothing was insignificant. Every action was given her undivided attention and care, and injected with her entire being’s aspiration to serve her Master and the Supreme.

- Lunthita - The Sri Chinmoy Centre - Hialeah, Florida.